Paying Attention To The Sky

by Floodlines

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Jacqueline Gordon
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Jacqueline Gordon This album is a diamond in the rough. You have a unique sound in every song, and your lyrics are absolutely incredible. God bless! Favorite track: The Butcher and the Boy.
Brody Stewart
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Brody Stewart An eclectic collection of stories and styles comprise this album overflowing with passion and personality. Favorite track: Firstborn.
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released December 25, 2015

Special thanks to:

Joel Kesler, Mike Hannon, Thomas Lefotu for some great drum tracks. Jude Hoogendyk for the beautiful cello parts. Katheryn McAuliffe for those sweet background harmonies. Thanks to Britton Nesheim for the album art and Josh Lewis for the helpful mix notes and attentive ear.

Aric would like to thank: Mom & dad for their continual support that made this project possible. To all the family and friends who have encouraged us through this entire process—without your companionship, insight and love none of this could have been accomplished. Deo Gratis.

Justine would like to thank: Nigel for being supportive and encouraging every step of the way, Mom and Dad for investing music in my life as long as I can remember, and everyone who was a sounding board for us. Oh! And all the wonderful people and places who inspired all the songs.

Mixed and mastered by: Aric Nesheim
Recorded all around Snohomish and Whatcom county



all rights reserved


Floodlines Seattle, Washington

Debut album from Snohomish, WA based duo inspired by the beautiful and ordinary people of small-town life.

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Track Name: Undone
Like a seed that dies to grow
Like a fire consumes the coal
You were made to break my heart
So that it might finally start

How could I have ever known
Love until I was alone?
How could we ever become
Whole until we were undone?

Like the yeast leavens the dough
Like the salt will melt the snow
Fear crept into both our hearts
Finally tearing us apart

If you want your life, you've gotta lose it
If you want your love, you've gotta choose it
Oh Jesus Christ, how I abused it
I am undone.
Track Name: Paying Attention To The Sky
Times have changed
Haven’t they
People Go
No One Stays

I thought by now I’d find some peace of mind
But I’m getting more restless every day
We’re fascinated that our time escapes us
We wonder why things don’t fall into place

As we grow up
We keep on looking down to find
Something we’d have if paying attention to the sky

We have changed
Haven’t we
We both ate
From a poison tree

With open eyes we closed our hands together
In hopes we could undo what we undid
But coveting the things that have been veiled
We buy and sell the very skin we hid
Track Name: Firstborn
My younger brother
Is a fool
And a bad man too

Thinks he so much better
Got a house with a sea-side view

Oh god
If you let him win

You know t's gonna drive me to sin

Clean up, wash your guilty hands
Wise up, meet all my demands

Oh God,
Gonna light up the night

With a fire
Gonna set this thing right

Cuz you know that I’m gonna burn down
The very heart of your hometown
Just so you know I’m not messing round
I’m the firstborn son this land is mine

And I don’t know
Why justice, she is so slow
She comes around, and then she goes, but
I’m the firstborn son this land is mine

There’s a fine line
Between righteousness and pride
Only God will choose

Who is in the right
Who is in the wrong
You can bet you’ll lose
Track Name: Gambler
I am a gambler
I’ve got me a gambling soul
I love to win
And winning is my sin
But man, I lost it all

God he had mercy
On this sinners soul
But I had to lose
All money, my girl my even my shoes
I had nothing to call my own

At first i didnt listen
I kept playin the same games
wasting my time
I spent every last dime
I thought i would go insane

So I took all my anger
Out on my best friends
And in jealous rage
I locked myself up in cage
Never to hear from them again

In my darkest hour
I was on my own
You came to me
And you handed me a key
Saying, “Son, you’ve got to go”

Jesus, sweet Jesus
Held me in his arms
He said brother can’t you see
Us losers here are free
There ain’t nothing here you own
This world is not your home
Track Name: The Lowlands
Whistles down the tracks
Bringing what we lack
Everything's alright
As I'm driving through the night

I still fall in love with you
I am always home with you

Moonlight on the river
Lighting up my way
Whisper silver secrets
Till the golden light of day

Water's rising
Towers to the sky

Knots we're tying
Babies crying
Here we say goodbye
Track Name: Quieter Love
In our earlier days
Wild in our ways
Restless we sang our song

Feelings, they'll leave
Oh they'll fade and compete
What's left when they've gone?

Every morning, every night
Choosing love over wrong and right
Beyond the temporary trends
A quieter love never ends

Holding on
In the storm and the sun
Love won't let go

Together we run
Til our work here is done
Our hearts are the seed we sow

Loving what's unloved
Forging the worst in us
Our quieter love is but a bus
A secret only known to us

Scarcely loud
But forever shown
Faithfully now, this love comes home
Track Name: Straight & Narrow
When I was on my own
I was free but lonely
Then you stole my heart
I thought of you only

But now I just can’t do
what you want me to
And though I try so hard, broken bones, broken heart, nothing’s pleasing you

What fate brought us here
Loving you, loving me?
Our straight narrow road disappeared

Never had much time
I grew up to quickly
I fell head to heels
Now I’m feeling sickly

‘Cuz that house won’t clean
without hands and knees
And our babies cry
Every day, every night
But you pay no mind

What fate brought us here
Loving you, loving me?
Our straight narrow road disappeared

Did we get it wrong?
Our dreams they are gone
Oh what have we done?
Our straight narrow road ain’t no more, Good Lord!

We’ve been on the run
Since we have begun
Ain’t no time for fun
Our straight narrow road ain’t no more, Good Lord!

You knew from the start
That we’d drift apart
And yet here we are
Our straight narrow ain’t no more

Give us eyes to see
Why we fall in love
And what we’re fighting for
And we’ll be on that straight narrow road once more

Darling, who are you?
I’m a different woman
And Honey, who am I?
You’re a changing person

And though we cannot say
The price we’ll pay
There’s a saving grace in the words that we spoke
on our wedding day

What grace brought us here, loving you, loving me?
Our straight narrow road disappeared.
Track Name: Mara
He's terrified that he won't survive this time
They verified that it's eating him alive
And she cannot explain
Or justify the pain
And through her teary eyes she said

Is it the devil or is it the Lord who hurts my baby
Is it the devil or is it the Lord who makes him cry?

She won't sleep without an argument
Pleasing her case for the meek and the innocent

Come on he what may
She still weeps and prays
As she sings out her lament

Is it the devil or is it the Lord who hurts my baby
Is it the devil or is it the Lord who makes him cry?
Is there a reason, or just disarray—why won't you reply?
Am I fighter or am I fool for asking why?

Why suffering at all?
Why the bloody fall?
Why the silence now?

Now and when time began
Until time will end I
Put my hands over my mouth
Track Name: Honey
Honey, you do not need to be rich
You are silver and gold, you are heart and you are soul

Honey you do not need the perfect job
You are hands, strong and true, you are more than you do.

Honey don't cry, but know if you do
Every tear is a prayer for you

Honey you do not need to be young,
You're a tree, evergreen, you're a song ever-sung

Honey you do not need a different form
You are beautiful now, and forever more

Honey when there's no songs to be sung
If there's blood on your hands, if the death bell is run

Honey when everything turns to dark
When there is pain in your chest, and there's in your heart

Honey please cry, and know when you do
That your broken heart is a prayer for us too

Lovely the pain, it can become
The very hands that will raise you back up

We've been lied to you and I
We're told every second that we're not in love is a waste of time

We've been trying to get it right
But we ain't rich, we ain't famous, we ain't living the good life

Is this not enough?
Is this not enough?

We're too tired to fan a fire
On the ashes of our youth only burning now to expire

We've been right to wet our eyes
Let the water wash away all the dirt that has left us blind

Was this not enough?
Was this not enough?
Was this not enough?
Was this not enough?
Track Name: And Sword And Shield
I saw you in the dawn
As smoke and fog withdrew
An arrow in your side
As you escaped from view

I cannot remember / I have not forgotten
Who we were before the fray
You would not protect me / You would never never let me
The wounded want to run away

Why fight a war as enemies?
How could we win when we both bleed?

Wound me if you must
But never leave my side
We return to dust
But love will never die

You and I and sword and shield
We belong on bloody field
If we fall we rise and rise again

I heard you call my name
As I would stagger on
Your mouth asked me to stay
Your heart wanted me gone

How could I believe you / You started off believing
We were never worth the fight
I didn't want to hurt you / I tried not desert you
I only wanted what was right

I should have hurt you as a friend
Instead of kissed you as a foe

Wound me if you must
But never leave my side
We return to dust
But love will never die
Track Name: Murderer
My pride struck down three hundred souls
Innocent blood always its goal

The deadliest force that I can muster up
Aint steel or guns or bombs that I blow up

The deadliest force that I can muster up
Is that voice in me telling me that I am man and they are not

When I hate I'm a murderer
I have finally found
When I hate I'm a murderer
My own justice burns us to the ground

I have drawn blood
now I can't stop
I will justify
Every last drop

The deadliest force that I can muster up
Aint fear or threats or terror I stir up
The deadliest force that I can muster up
Is that pride in me telling me that I can start war with who I want
Track Name: The Butcher and the Boy
There is a war
In the air tonight
Dark angels fly in the moonlit skies
As we turn our tired eyes to the lights

This city's cold
And the stone beneath our feet
It numbs our bones
As we run into the street
Woken from a peaceful sleep
To save our lives

Oh god,
Where's your justice?
Where's your holy fire come down?
Oh God,
Where's your mercy?
Where's the love we've heard about

The butcher laughs
At the song we sing
As we all pass
he calls up on his king
He says, “Lord, you need to eat, I understand”

Somebody's son
In the middle of the crowd
Stood on the back
Of the tallest man in town
He cried, God will never drown
The world again

Oh God,
Is this your justice? Is this your Holy Fire come down?
Oh God, is this your mercy? Is this the love we've heard about?

How can we understand
in the rubble and the sand
when these cries drown your voice?

Your promises remain
through death and through pain
holding on for new life

Oh God,
Bring your justice, bring your holy fire come down
Oh God, bring your mercy, bring the love we've heard about
Let it brand our hearts of doubt
Track Name: Forget
Let’s forget that we are going to die
Let’s pretend we’re always satisfied
It sounds crazy, but I’ve heard from an old friend
That the dancing and the drinking has to end

Let’s prove him wrong

Let the music play into the night
Let the smoke rise up to block the light
I don’t fear something I cannot see
I’m protected by a platinum policy from Savior Sam

Never really cared how stories end
Even less that stories would begin
I don’t trust the foolish poets whom I've met
I am satisfied with each and every story I forget
Track Name: Wasted Time
Our ancestors said
That faith is dead
If it isn't bearing cash or health

So we consecrate
Priests who transubstantiate
Every passing second into wealth

We are scared to death
Of each wasted breath
Always thinking on our wasted time
If moments we can't sell
Send us straight to hell
Who will save us from our wasted time?

If we do not bow
Before field and plough
Are we going to reap just what we sow?

Are we favored still
If our barnes aren't filled
Oh Lord of the harvest let us know
Track Name: Regine
I didn’t think this through
All the evil things that loving you could do
And now I’m thinking on how I should get you through

// Please, you don’t have to leave
All’s forgiven if you come on back to me
Find yourself some peace of mind and we can start a family

The sound of thunder
rings in my ears
the voice of God is telling me how I should live out all my years
We can’t be happy
that much is true
but no matter what I do or say it’s out of love for you

// I’ll never stand for this
I’m prepared to stake my life upon the truth of your promise

Please, don’t be such a child
I only said those things to keep myself distracted for a while

I never loved you
and if I had
I would have never let you know that all your beauty drives me mad

I’m a hunter
you’re easy prey
I seduced you just because it was an easy game to play

Oh Regine
You simple fool
You really think that I could love someone like you

You’re an angel
I’m a fire
Consuming all who fly so low so as to share in my desire

Love like a withered rose
All the letters that I (you) every have composed
Tell the story of dance of our two souls

A secret that I’ll take unto my grave
But I hope that on the resurrection day
We can hold our hands together with our family and pray
Track Name: I Am!
I tried to read poetry
But couldn’t remember a verse
And what good are words
When they fly off like birds?
But this is a gift, not a curse!

No excuse for laziness but I never learned how to read
I refuse to change a thing, I've got everything that I need

I wanted a family
But I wouldn't spare the expense
And what good are kids
If I'm not happy with
The weight of my dollars and cents?

No regrets for working hard!
I've spent all my hours as I should
Face to face with faceless men
Securing my ultimate good

And I'm building a legacy
That's how I plan to live on
Performing tricks and collecting clicks
Remember to like when I'm gone

No idea who I've become
But I am a self made man!
Who am I? Well who really cares?
I'm sure that I am that I am!